Island Breads

I had an amazing time with Kristi Meyers and her son at her home bakery here on Davis Islands.  She is a small batch bakery specializing in naturally leavened breads. Everything is made by hand and we use fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients. 
She has a bi monthly menu available through email. Kristi is member of The Bread Bakers Guild of America and is proud to use Carolina Ground Flours and Central Milling organic flours.


You have to try it! (I made a grilled cheese with some today...Let's just say it was pretty amazing!!)

For more information please contact her at


Have a great weekend!

Canvas Prints

Faces of Sonny

If you follow my instagram, then you know I post photos of my Son, Sonny, more than anything else. He is my test subject when it comes to lighting, lenses, etc...

It doesn't hurt that he's pretty damn cute. (Takes after his mother)

Here is a collection of some of my favorite images of him over this last year. (HE TURNS 1 SOON!)

Hope you enjoy, and if you'd like to have a session like one of these just let me know! Contact ME 


The Williams Family


Family photo sessions...

Many people dread the idea of it...Get the family together, dress in like cloths, and try to get along for 35-45 minutes while having a photographer point his/her camera at them...Sounds like a blast!...ha!

Luckily I have had the pleasure of working with amazing clients like The Williams Family. These photos where taken the weekend of Thanksgiving last year. Tampa is hit or miss during the fall. Luckily this was one of those days where we had a nice cool breeze and clear skies.

One difficulty when not shooting around sunrise or sunset is finding shade. A lot of times when you think you find it, you'll end up having patches shoot through the trees and make your subject look splotchy.

Finding the light source (the sun) and getting it to your subjects back helps. Keeps them from squinting too much and if balanced right can make for a nice hair light.

The next difficulty is posing. 

My favorite question is "what do I do with my hands" 

Hands are tricky. I try a few different ways to put hands in each set so that I let the client really pick the one they like. I typically like to keep the out of the pockets the best I can. I don't like when their hands just cut off. Some people just need to put there hands in front and relax, so we go with that. Half the battle is just getting your subject comfortable.

As for posing, I typically try to get a few posed shots and they once I know we've nailed one or two I'll just have them relax and act natural. Try some goofy stuff. Same some dumb things to make them laugh. etc...

Anyways, here is an example of an hour shoot with the final images.

I hope you enjoy!!



Brooklyn, NY

The first time we tried to go to the skatepark in Brooklyn (#50Kent) it was closed for a hip hop concert. That day we just hung at another park down the street and didn't do too much skating. The next trip we had the opportunity to skate for a couple of hours and hang out. Usually the mid-day sun is terrible, but I enjoyed shooting because of the shadows.

Big Sur : Big Day

I am now a married man. My wife and I decided to have our wedding where we got engaged.

** Big Sur, CA **

We had an amazing time with family and friends. The weather on the day of the ceremony was perfect. (a bit chilly, but perfect)

I am so blessed and lucky to have had the pleasure in marrying my best friend. She did such an amazing job planning the whole event and I am so glad everything went smoothly.

We stayed in the Monterey/Carmel before having our honeymoon at the Post Ranch Inn located in Big Sur.

Here are some photos from our wedding. Thank you Tom Concordia (  ) for the amazing pictures! You and your team did an amazing job! Also, a special thanks to my brother-in-law, Andrew Matusik ( ), that also was one of our main photographers for the day. 

Here are some pictures of the days following the wedding. They are a little gloomy due to overcast skies, but the area is still beautiful.

New Orleans

I only shot for about an hour. The rest of the time was spent on Bourbon Street at my Buddy's bachelor party...Whew...


Rudy Dean

It's not every day that you get the chance to take a couple headshots for someone who is trying to work his way into a Calvin Klein fashion show.

Luckily, my brother just joined up with the NEXT Modeling Agency out of Miami and he needed some done when he was in town.


Camera Test

Testing my camera setting during a wedding I was in this weekend. Thought this was a pretty good pic just by accident.